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Agriculture is exactly our thing. Complex machines and sweaty work make the heart of every farmer beat faster. We want to pass this experience on to our customers in the form of a realistic simulation experience. From animal breeding to field cultivation, everything is included.

Our Services

We bring vehicles and machines to virtual life. We take over the entire process - from the static image to the model creation to the animation to the complete presentation.


We create highly realistic vehicle presentations

Using our experience from creating technically complex, industrial vehicles, we create very realistic presentation systems that showcase the product's best features.

  • Highly detailed vehicle renders
  • Animated vehicle features
  • Immersive VR experience
  • Rendered product videos

We scan and build 3D machines

We photograph vehicles and machines to create detailed high-quality 3D products, which can be used in presentations as well as in real-time programs.

  • High resolution 3D scans
  • Exact and detailed modeling
  • Complete animation realization

Press Releases

Our writers are still in the process of creating illustrious texts of shakespearean extent. Please have patience…

Job Offerings

Masterbrain Bytes is looking for a Senior AI Engineer to join our team in developing simulation games for PC and next-generation console systems. Our ideal candidate will have experience with AI programming and be a self-motivated, energetic team player with a healthy work ethic and cooperative attitude.

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Masterbrain Bytes is looking for an Outsource Artist to integrate outsourced assets into the game.

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Masterbrain Bytes is seeking a talented Game Designer to join our growing team. Game Designers are responsible for the design, implementation, balance, and upkeep of game features.

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